• Dear Marianna, I just wanted to say thank you for making my wedding day so wonderful! We had a great time in Tahoe, especially since you informed me of all the hot spots in the area! Great job on my hair and makeup! Thank you so much,

                        Dee (Lankford) Thomas


  • Dear Marianna, Thank you so much for your outstanding service and the glamorous hairstyle and makeup at my wedding. Best,



  • Marianna, Thanks again for doing my hair. It looked amazing and I get so many compliments when people see the photos!



  • Hi Marianna! My hair was gorgeous and held up the entire night! And I loved my make-up! I got tons of compliments that day! Actually, I took some of the photos to the local salon in where we had our at home reception, and everyone kept saying how we looked like a ‘magazine bride and groom!’ You helped make our wedding perfect!!

                        Stephanie (Matechak) Atkinson